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Restore your Smile through Mini Dental Implants

There are lots of people worldwide with teeth that are badly damaged because of poor oral hygiene of physical trauma. Some individuals do not have any problem and continue to live with poor dental makeup; others, however, feel embarrassed and would hide their smiles from view through tight lips otherwise with their hand.

Nowadays, a great number of individuals without teeth, or else with a mouth full of rotten teeth go for dental implants to replace lost teeth. Teeth implantation has been utilized in dental medicine with a success rate of 98% over the past two decades.

Dental implants may be too expensive for the average people who have lost or rotten teeth, and so these people often opt for dentures that are removable because they cannot afford the fixed implants. However, many denture users are uncomfortable because their dentures can cause some problems such as discomfort, infection or sores, and gum irritation.

What other option do they have then? Yes, there are mini dental implants or MDIs.

A recent technology in contemporary dentistry, mini dental implants, can help bring back your liberty to smile, laugh, and talk with a renewed confidence as well as allow you to enjoy the foods that you like.

Mini Dental Implants – What are They
Sometimes called small diameter implants, SDIs, otherwise narrow body implants, NDIs, such implants are one piece narrower titanium appliances, which are inserted through a non-surgical, minimally invasive approach.

MDIs can replace missing teeth in addition to alleviating denture problems. Time-efficient, less invasive and unique, this technique has been helping toothless individuals restore their radiant smiles plus it provides enhanced denture stability for denture wearers without having to use any dental adhesives.

How it Functions
MDIs have miniature titanium implants lodged into your jawbone to support the lower denture, and it also has a metal covering that is built into the bottom of this denture. They have heads shaped as a ball, plus a socket and rubber O-ring housed inside the metal casings so that the pieces are sealed or locked in place.

The procedure calls for the dentist to place the little anchor points ( with at width of 2 millimeters more or less) into the bone of your jaw. The ring go with the ball and this ball-shaped head jut out of your gums, snapping firmly into the retaining socket found inside the denture. This o-ring stabilizes and also keeps the denture safely in place.

Whether you have missing or badly damaged teeth, large spaces in-between, or in need of dentures, a safer and more trusted procedure are mini dental implants Louisville and they will make you laugh, talk as well as live comfortably and confidently once again.

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